EZ Flow Dust Reclaim System

EZ Flow Dust Reclaim System

Our EZ Flow Intermittent & Continuous Flour Reclaim System for 8 pocket Bun Lines are designed for peak efficiency.  Equipped with multiple collection hoods along the moulding and pan shaking operations excess flour is removed prior to pans discharging for proofer loading.  Our system also includes auxillary flour reclaim at the zig zag boards prior to intermediate proofing including optional automated vaccum flour hopper loading.

  • ZigZag Reclaim Hopper

  • Vacuum Loader Venturi @ ZigZag

  • Moulder Vacuum Hood

  • Pan Shaker Vacuum Hood

  • Pan Shaker Vacuum Hood

  • Cyclone Dust Collection System w/ Airlock

  • 304 Stainless Welded Construction

Dust Collection Hood - 4 Pocket Bun

Bun Flour Reclaim System

Dust Collection Hood - Bun Line

Replacement Hood and Duct yielded a 300% increase – same dust collector!

Dust Collection Hood - Biscuit Line

Biscuit Flour Dust Reclaim

Dust Collection - Over & Under Line

Over/Under Sheeting Line Flour Reclaim

Our Flour Hopper and Sifter Vacuum Loaders automatically redistribute reclaimed flour back into the production process.  After flour is reclaimed we sift and redeposit the flour back to the point of distribution from a sifter above the moulding line.  Our Vacuum Loaders can be supplied as a part of a new system or as a stand alone install on an existing line.

Bowl Loading Dust Control Station

Bowl Loading Dust Control Station

CSI's Bowl Loading Dust Control Station is design to support manual bag dump operations.  Dust Control for Bag Dump Stations is greatly lacking in most installed systems.  With our upgraded Bowl Loading Station equipped with a vacuum exhaust system and curtain wall for dust containment you can keep your bakery more free of dust by collecting at the bag dump process.

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